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The Mink & Pearls Collection - Blanc de Neige
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The Mink & Pearls Collection - Blanc de Neige

Purity. Simplicity. And some might say luxury. White is known as a manifestation. It represents wholeness and entirety. And as well, there's something mysterious about white... An innocent sensuality.

And when you reflect the purity of white in your life, and you surround yourself in the allure of all these magical things. Remember, all the things you want and all the things you imagine, are always in the hand of the beholder... and that's you.

Please don't forget to state in your order if you require a ring with a smaller fit or a larger fit. Through the handmade process of this collection, it is not possible to create an exact ring size and these rings almost have a quality of "one size fits all".
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