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The Mink & Pearls Collection - Glace Bleue
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The Mink & Pearls Collection - Glace Bleue

Bleue takes us to the seaside, it takes us to mountains and glaciers and to early morning skies. And it's a colour that lets you dream the sweetest dreams... And Bleue makes it all come true.

The Glace Bleue Ring is an icey blue. Cool, confident and not overwhelming. A colour that just quietly whispers what she's all about. She holds her own stories. And only those who dare to take a closer look, discover the beauty in each and every one of these stories waiting to unfold... Bleue is about secrets... The secrets of you.

Please don't forget to state in your order if you require a ring with a smaller fit or a larger fit. Through the handmade process of this collection, it is not possible to create an exact ring size and these rings almost have a quality of "one size fits all".
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