omondieu!          love. life.
Le Coeur Doré Collection - omondieu!
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Le Coeur Doré Collection - omondieu!

This is the signature shirt of the omondieu! collection... The name that says it all!

omondieu! is spoken and felt with the passion of French and with all the emotion and exclamation of life as we know it and live it. And we wear this not only on our hearts, but more importantly, in our hearts.

omondieu! is the playfulness with which we embrace each and every day. And it's the wonderful way we smile at the world and the way the world smiles with us.

omondieu! she said as she smiled... omondieu!

Please state your size when ordering. The available sizes are S, M, L and XL. Also be sure to state your colour. Available in either black or white and each with print in gold.

Long Sleeve Fitted Shirt with Round Neck.

100% Combed Cotton in Baby Rib quality - a thinner rib that maintains its shape after repeated wear. Mashine wash cold and to keep the print longlasting, we recommend to hang dry and not to tumble dry.
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