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Le Coeur Doré Collection - Femme Heureuse
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Le Coeur Doré Collection - Femme Heureuse

Femme Heureuse... What a beautiful sound! What a beautiful word to have written on the heart letting the world know, a happy woman!

The Femme Heureuse shirt has quickly become the best seller of this collection. Maybe just for the message it portraits and what it reflects.

Femme Heureuse! she said as she smiled... Femme Heureuse!

It's become a bit of a saying around here with the girls.

Please state your size when ordering. The available sizes are S, M, L and XL. Also be sure to state your colour. Available in either black or white and each with print in gold.

Long Sleeve Fitted Shirt with Round Neck. (V Neck is also available, please request this additionally with your order if desired)

100% Combed Cotton in Baby Rib quality - a thinner rib that maintains its shape after repeated wear. Mashine wash cold and to keep the print longlasting, we recommend to hang dry and not to tumble dry.
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