omondieu!          love. life.
love life. passionately. out loud.
and in colour. dare. to be bold.
cause magic. share secrets.

omondieu! is about the passion of life, It's about being a woman at play and a woman at work. This is what you’ll find reflected in our designs. There is a hint of romantic, a touch of being free and yes, bold and daring in a feminine way. omondieu! is for women that believe in making statements. It’s a reflection of the self and more so, it’s a lifestyle and a philosophy. All women have a personal signature. And exactly that is what makes each of us so special and unique.

omondieu! has been created with just that in mind...

All of our products are lovingly handmade. Much care and consideration go into our selection of the materials and colours used. Angela, the designer and creater of omondieu!, has this big little mission in life. It’s about living with mystique and about living with passion. It’s about planting little seeds and watching them grow into wonderful secret gardens... it's about sensuality and and the beauty we possess by simply being women.

omondieu! is about all these special moments that spark the magic... and you're just as much a part of that magic too!

Enjoy discovering the world of omondieu!...


photograph with thanks to the lovely cristina naan!