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The Mink & Pearls Collection
Take me by my hand and play me with the warmth of your fingertips...

You always make my heart smile...

You know that feeling... that feeling of being in love. And maybe even in love with nothing else but the world and with life. And you hold on to those moments... Never wanting to let go. And you just want to give and give and give... To give and to live. Because it is all about love… and the way it makes your heart smile!

When omondieu! first introduced itself with playful and feminine collections of accessories, omondieu! was soon reflected upon as a philosophy. Colourful and flirtatious, unique and bold. omondieu! has always dared to be different… Accentuating the beauty of life and the beauty of ourselves.

Now omondieu! has introduced a new collections of accessories… The Mink & Pearls Collection. And this collection has been created while still bearing all of that in mind.

Designed with seven colours, each capturing an emotion… be it the purity and luxury of white, the sensuous secrets of black, the soft romance of powdered pink or the passion of deep dark crimson red

Designed with mink, which has always represented luxury and pride. But it also represents love. Mink is a tradition and a gift, and often passed as a story from generations with the beauty and femininity of mothers and daughters… Mink is a promise.

This collection is an ode to all of that.

And it’s about standing out in a crowd with all we radiate from within. It’s about giving ourselves permission to be. And it’s about allowing ourselves to be sensuous and bold, and allowing ourselves to fall in love… with all the beautiful things in life. And that also means, falling in love with ourselves.

Now it’s your time.. while discovering The Mink & Pearl Collections.