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Le Coeur Doré
The Heart... The Golden Heart.

This collection is a celebration of all the wonderful and glorious things we women are. And when written in gold, we manifest in gold. We say it out loud and with all the heart.

It's about celebrating even the most voluptious of our curves and how sensuously beautiful we are. And whether we think we have too little or too much, trust me... Everything is just right.

It's about celebrating happiness and remembering that we create our own happiness first... femme heureuse! femme heureuse!

It's about saying "yes" to all these things we are... the fräuleinwunder as it's so sweetly said.

And it's about falling in love and maybe even losing in love, but never ever stopping to love all the more.

Remember. Life is about passion. And we need to live it that way. Each and every day.

These are the things we say with our hearts. These are the things we say with gold. These are the things we say with omondieu!

Yes, this is the Le Coeur Doré Collection... And it's made for you!